Åbo Akademi University has launched a scholarship programme (from 2017) for tuition fee-paying students admitted to Åbo Akademi University. The scholarships are connected to the study entitlement and the scholarships can only be used to pursue studies within the programme the student has been admitted to.

There are three scholarship categories:

  1. Full Scholarship, covering the tuition fee and includes a annual scholarship to cover the student’s living expenses (6 720 €), awarded for 2 years (second year conditional)
  2. Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 100 % of the tuition fee, awarded for 2 years (second year conditional)
  3. Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 50 % of the tuition fee, awarded for 2 years (second year conditional)

The decision to grant a scholarship is based on

  • the academic performance of the student in his/her previous studies,
  • how well the applicant meets the programme requirements
  • the answers the applicants have given in the application form

When applying to Åbo Akademi University, applicants can indicate on the application form their wish to apply for a scholarship. In the application form the applicants are asked to answer a set of questions related to motivation and future goals. The answers to the questions will be assessed by the scholarship committee who makes the decision on granting the scholarships. In the assessment the following is evaluated: communicative skills, academic goals and general interest in the field.

The decision on the granted scholarship is given to the applicants together with the admission letter. In order to accept the scholarship the applicant must have accepted the study entitlement offered (binding acceptance).

Scholarships for the second year of study

The scholarships are awarded for two years. However, the second year is conditional depending on the progress of the studies. In order to qualify for the scholarship in the second year, a scholarship holder must earn at least 55 credits during the first academic year (the progress of the studies is checked in June).

In addition to the scholarships listed above there will also be a chance to apply for a scholarship for the second year. This opportunity is open for all those students who have paid their fees during the first year or who have received a tuition fee scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fee in the first year. The requirement to receive this scholarship is excellent study records (GPA over 4), 55 earned credits during the first academic year and a good motivation to continue the studies. More information about how to apply for this scholarship will be available in spring 2018.

Further information on scholarships and instructions on how to apply will continuously be updated on this webpage.

Åbo Akademi University offers the following International Master’s Degree Programmes:

  • Peace, Mediation and Conflict Reseach, Master of Social Sciences
  • Governance of Digitalization, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • International Law and Human Rights, Master of Social Sciences
  • Biomedical Imaging, Master of Science
  • Chemical Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)
  • Information Technology, Master of Science OR Master of Science (Technology)
  • Social Exclusion, Master of Arts OR Master of Theology

Find the study programme of your interest on the Studyinfo-portal (, a link to the online application will be open during the application period. You can also read more about the programmes  here  .

The application period for studies starting in August 2017 has closed.  The next application period will be 1 December 2017 – 31 January 2018. The link to the  application will be available on this page at the start of the application period.

Please note that you can only apply to one programme per university


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