Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Researchers,2018


Applications for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships for Italian and Foreign Researchers is now available and submission of applications from applicants will continue till 20th September 2017 23.59 (Central European Time, CET). This scholarship is available for undertaking research in excellent Italian institutions.All applicants are therefore encouraged to ensure that the application process is complete before the stated deadline.

‣ Science progresses wherever there is true exchange: sharing experience, know-how, procedures, solutions and results leads to progress.

‣ For this reason, Umberto Veronesi Foundation promotes the Culture of Science without boundaries, favouring advanced professional training of the most deserving scientists and researchers both from Italy and abroad.

School(Institutions/ Country): | Italy (12-month-long fellowships) and Abroad (6-month-long fellowships)

Level: The 12-month fellowships are available for undertaking research in excellent Italian institutions. The 6-month-long fellowships are available for researchers to spend a 6-month period of work  in a top-level laboratory or clinical department of foreign institutions.

Field(s): Foundation supports projects aimed at investigating the molecular and biological bases and mechanisms of prevention and cure of chronic diseases in the fields of Oncology, Cardiovascular diseases, Neurosciences and Life Style for disease prevention. Two different macro-areas will be supported: experimental and clinical research.

Deadline: 20th of September 2017  (Central European Time, CET).

Funded By: Umberto Veronesi Foundation

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships are targeted for Italian and foreign researchers

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

‣ No. of awards: Umberto Veronesi Foundation will award 130 fellowships (120 -12-month-long research grants

 and 10- 6 month-long travel grants) to top level scientists in the field of biomedical research.‣ Scholarship Tenure : Grants awarded by FUV will have a duration of 12 months (for fellowships in experimental and clinical research) or 6 months (for travel grants) and will start on the 1st January 2018. However, the starting date can be postponed until no later than 1st April 2018. It will not be possible, under any circumstances, to further postpone the starting date.

Value of Scholarship : The total amount of the fellowship is 27,000.00 Euro for each grant (before tax) for 12 months or 15.000 euro (before tax) for 6 months in case of Travel Grants. The fellowship is aimed only at paying the research salary and cannot be used in other ways (lab reagents and supplies, etc). The fellowship can not be combined with other forms of bursary; similarly, the fellowship is not compatible with subordinate working contracts, either temporary or permanent; the fellowship is compatible with funding of different nature from the above described, provided that they do not exceed the annual retribution of EUR 10,000.00 (before tax).



‣ The research grants (  Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships ) offered by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation are addressed to:

12-month-long fellowships

‣  Experimental Research: Italian and foreign researchers holding a scientific degree preferably in Medicine, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnologies. In addition, a clinical and/or post-degree research experience (specialisation or PhD) in health-related fields is required. Selected candidates must carry out their research work in excellent institution in Italy.

‣  Clinical Research for Italian and foreign medical doctors: Candidates must hold a degree in Medicine and a clinical and/or post-degree research experience (specialisation or PhD). Selected candidates must carry out their work in excellent organisations in Italy and shall be introduced – based on their expertise – in specialised clinical teams, coordinated by top level referents.

‣  Please make sure that all the degrees held by candidates are equivalent to their Italian counterparts, in order to be able to work as clinicians with patients in Italy. Candidates who do not possess the legal criteria to work as clinicians in Italy will be excluded from the evaluation procedure.Please be explicit in the Letter of Acceptance from the Hosting Institute that the candidate has fulfilled the legal criteria to work as a clinician.

‣  The 12-month fellowships will only be awarded for researchers (Italian and/or foreigners) to work only in Italian institutions. There are no fellowships available for researchers that will develop their research project outside Italy.

-6-month-long fellowships

‣  Travel grants: Travels grants are reserved to Italian citizens working in Italy at the moment of the application. Candidates should preferably hold a scientific degree such as Medicine, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnologies. A clinical and/or post-degree research experience (specialisation or a PhD) in health-related fields is mandatory.

For all the fellowships (  Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships ) :

Candidates must have officially obtained a PhD or specialization degree not later than 31st December 2017.

– All candidates (except women with children) must be under the age of 43 on 1st January 2018. If awarded, the candidate will be asked to confirm in writing that he/she is under the age of 43.

– Women with children are allowed to count one extra year per child (for example: women with 1 child can apply if they are younger than 44 on 1st January 2018 and so on). If awarded a grant, the candidate will be asked to show a “family certificate” to be able to receive the fellowship.

– Candidates must have at least one original paper as first/co-first/last/co-corresponding author and at least one other article (original or review) in peer-reviewed international journals. “In press” articles are eligible publications but a DOI number if available and a proof of manuscript acceptance is mandatory. Submitted/under revision manuscripts, book chapters, and conference abstracts and proceedings are not considered eligible publications.

‣  All the materials required have to be written in English.

Selection Criteria for Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships

‣ All applications correctly sent by the deadline and that meet the eligibility criteria will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. Candidates will be awarded grants based on the following meritocratic criteria:

  • Quality of the scientific curriculum: In particular, the quality of publications (i.e.: the impact factor of the journals) will be included in the selection criteria. It is thus mandatory to clearly indicate the impact factor of every single publication stated in the application. The impact factor to be indicated is IF 2014 and not the one at the year of publication. Only original papers and reviews will be evaluated for the publication record. Posters/abstracts at conferences or chapter books will not be considered for the evaluation of publications but can be included separately in the CV.
  • Quality of the research project: The feasibility, the adherence to the requests of this call, the innovation and translational core of the project and of the field of application, and the potential of the projects to generate substantial contributions to the field will be evaluated.


It is mandatory for all successful applicants to acknowledge FUV in any publications, including those related to the granted proposal and those generated from any other research activities carried out during the period supported by FUV.

Once a candidate has been granted the fellowship, by accepting it, he/she agrees to cooperate with FUV in its dissemination activities and promotion of its scientific research, whenever required. The candidate must therefore be available to be interviewed for articles in printed and online journals and participate in promotional events (such as a press conference, meetings in schools, and one or two events with the general public) or other scientific dissemination activities organized by FUV.

Researchers working in Italy will be asked to organize at least one meeting in one school in their city/region during the year of the fellowship, with the goal of promoting engagement between young students and the scientific world. Foreing fellows will be asked to meet students of bilingual schools. More information will follow for the successful applicants.


The total amount of each 12-month fellowship grant is € 27,000 (before tax) or € 15,000 euro (before tax) for 6-month travel grants. The fellowship is only meant to pay the researcher’s salary and cannot be used to cover other expenses (lab reagents and supplies, etc.).

Part of the gross salary will be directed to tax coverage (IRPEF, Italian regional retains), so the net amount will be roughly equal to € 21,000 or € 11,700, respectively. The FUV fellowship does not pay for retirement contributions, such as INPS.

The fellowship can be terminated at any time by giving timely notice (at least 15 days before interruption) to FUV by email

The fellowship CANNOT be combined with any other form of bursary; similarly, the fellowship is not compatible with either temporary or permanent employment by any other Institution; the fellowship is compatible with forms of funding other than the above, provided that they do not exceed a total of € 10,000 (before tax) per annum.

Our Fellowship guarantees to each researcher an insurance covering permanent disabilities resulting from a workplace-related accident or disease, fatal accidents and a partial reimbursement of medical expenses. Please note that all expenses covered by the DGL 81/2008 (Attuazione dell’articolo 1 della legge 3 agosto 2007, n. 123, in materia di di tutela della salute e della sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoroare under the responsability of the hosting Institute. Please state clearly in the acceptance letter that the hosting Institute agrees to this clause.



Fellows will be required to produce short reports on their research activity, describing their progress and results obtained. One mid-term report after 6 months and one final report at the end of the 12 months are required for both experimental and clinical fellowships. One final report at the end of the 6 months is required for the Travel Grants.

The mid-term report is required within the first two weeks of the seventh month of the fellowship. Please note that if FUV does not receive the mid-term report by this deadline, payment will be suspended until the report is submitted.

The final report must be submitted at least two weeks before the end of the 12th month.The last payment will not be paid until FUV has received the final report.

All reports must be uploaded online through a personalized link that will be sent by email a few weeks before the deadline. Reports sent via mail will not be accepted.

Scholarship Application Method 

To start application submission, please enter your name, surname, email address, fiscal code and your proposed type of research (experimental or clinical). You will then be directed to the correct application form.

In the submission form, you will be asked to provide, in separate files, the following documents:

i) candidate’s CV (max 4000 characters including spaces). Candidates who have had a period of justified absence from work (i.e. maternity leave), may state it in the CV.

ii) list of scientific peer-reviewed publications (no character limits). It is mandatory to clearly indicate the IF of every single publication mentioned in the application. Please report the IF of a journal as IF in 2016 and not in the year of publication. Only original papers and reviews will be evaluated for the publication record. Paper ‘in press’ are eligible only if an Editor ‘letter of acceptance’ is provided to Posters/abstracts at conferences, meeting proceedings, and book chapters will not be considered for evaluation but can be included.

iii) a short abstract of the proposed project (max 2000 characters including spaces).

iv) a description of the proposed research project – background, experimental plan, and description of expected results and future applications to health – (max 9000 characters including spaces),

v) PI’s CV (max 2000 characters including spaces) including the field of investigation, up to five selected publication of the last ten years, and granted founding (optional). Requested CV is from the PI of the laboratory where the project will be carried on (i.e. for travel grants, the CV will refer to the PI of the foreign lab).


Please note that during the application process you will be also asked to upload the following documentation:

·           Two letters of recommendation not dated before 1st January 2017 (mandatory). One letter can be written  by the hosting P.I.

·         A letter of acceptance by the hosting Institute, signed by thelegal representativeof the Institute (mandatory). For travel grants, the hosting institution is intended the foreign laboratory the candidate is applying for. This letter must include the declaration that, if the candidate is awarded with a FUV fellowship, he/she will be able to carry out his/her research in that institution. Please also include in the acceptance letter the name of the laboratory, the name of the P.I./Professor/Group leader who will supervise the candidate, the department and the Institution where the research will take place.

·         A report on any previous projects undertaken with a grant from Fondazione Umberto Veronesi (if any) (max three pages)

·         Preliminary results of the project (if available) (max two pages).

All application materials must be written in English.

All files must be in PDF or Word format.

Each candidate is allowed to enteronly one application. Candidates who enter more than one application will be excluded from the evaluation process.


‣ Scholarship Application Due Date : 20th of September 2017.  (Central European Time, CET).

All applications must be sent no later than 20th September 2017 23.59 (Central European Time, CET). After completing the online form you will receive a confirmation email at the email address supplied. The list of awarded candidates will be published on our website on the 21st December 2017.

We strongly recommend to avoid sending your final application last minute, because this could cause overloading of the system and some applications could be lost without being registered by the deadline. The deadline is strict and we will not, under any circumstances, accept applications sent after.

Apply Now

For any further information, feel free to contact the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi at the following e-mail address:

Please, limit telephone calls to emergency issues. With few exceptions, you will not find personnel endorsed to give applications’, funding and administrative information by phone.

‣ Application forms (  Application Form ) and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

For more Information about Umberto Veronesi Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships


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